To Be Or Not To Be Single

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“I would rather be a beggar and single than a queen and married.” Queen Elizabeth I, 1533-1603. Being married is often dreaded for the loss of freedom/independence it brings, but freedom is such a relative term for we all are slaves already to food and water among other things. Is it better to be in a relationship, or is it better to be single? Can you work as a team or do you work best solo? In any game or business two against one is deemed to be an unfair situation, unless of course the two are extremely weak and the one is quite powerful, but even then, what is physical strength if the head is empty.

Most employers and U. S. government favor married individuals. Married individuals appear to have values and integrity and therefore are more desirable to potential employers. U. S. government further favors married individuals by generously granting tax reductions and other benefits. It is widely believed married couples are example of virtue and moderation.

If you work on a project, or on achieving a certain goal wouldn’t you say that two heads are better than one? Isn’t it easier to move through life’s obstacles and hardships if one had a helpmate? Choose your partner wisely, learn to delegate responsibilities. Improve your strength, have all the support you need. You don’t have to do everything yourself, save time and energy.

Faced with an emergency or difficult situation it is most helpful to have an able companion by your side. Beware when all is well everybody is agreeable, learn how your partner reacts in adverse situations. Unwise partner in difficult situation may compound the undesirable circumstances. You must have an intelligent person in your life, don’t waste time with the wrong kind of people you will not have the opportunity to find the right person to your own detriment. Nobody is perfect, but there is no need to get yourself another burden, carefully consider the partner’s strong sides and weaknesses. It is better to be single than to be in a relationship with a silly partner.

Here are some reasons why people seek out committed relationships: close relationships/companionship/love, creating a family (procreation), partnering up to improve financial, social situation. It follows then, if one doesn’t care for close relationships, has no desire to make babies, and has all the money and position one wants in life one chooses to forgo committed relationships till one gets smitten one day and plunges into marriage without a second thought.

In a relationship to be free and happy we must maintain our inner independence. Don’t bury yourself in a relationship, have your own friends, have your work, have your own money, enjoy your family and your partner. Encourage your partner to do the same. Bring each other joy, make life beautiful together.


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