What Are Black Characters Doing on White Teen Dramas Where They do Not Belong?

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This had to be said; the lame Black characters that I see on White teen dramas such as Gossip Girl do not fit into the storyline at all!  Take Gossip Girl for instance, we now a Black man that wants to own Bass Enterprises, and at first it seems like he is conniving and you think you have this great story but then they go down the tried and true path of Chuck Bass being irresistibly attracted to her daughter.  The story was great, but the “relationship” between Chuck Bass and his daughter is so cliche it is sickening.

The man asks his daughter if it is okay to buy Bass Enterprises, and she says that it is but only on one condition; that Chuck remains on board.  That would never happen in a million years.  Her character is so one dimensional, and so abstract, that we are only to believe that she is just this siren whose sole purpose is to manipulate men, like a modern day Catherine Tramell or Alexandra Forrest (from Sexual Instinct or Fatal Attraction).  Is this family really part of the show or are they simply there to execute some interesting plot twist, never to be heard from again?  She also makes Chuck look bad, because his antics with Blair were far more interesting.  For some reasons producers feel that they have to be politically correct and include a Black character where none previously existed, such as on the remake of 90210.  Black audiences watched those shows 20 years ago without any Black characters and it wasn’t a problem.  It could be that the characters are not on the show to attract Black viewers, which would be interesting.

After all times have changed and worlds are not as separate as they were when I was a teenager.  But it all feels so politically correct.  I hated the Black character on “A Walk To Remember”.  What was he doing there?  He was obnoxious, and a clown, definitely a token character if you ever saw one; of course in real life everyone knew someone like him in high school but I don’t want to be reminded, it is depressing.  Lil’ Kim played token roles in her movies, the one role she was good in, for the movie Gang of Roses, is in a film that is no where to be found …


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