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It was pretty damn good. I do have to admit that I am an Adam Sandler fan. Being 21, I grew up seeing his films in theaters and for the most part liked them all. I think with Big Daddy, Dennis Dugan and Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison crew really started a formula of movie. Central conflicted and imperfect character Adam (who has a good heart of course), falls in love with the girl of his dreams, who is younger and way better looking than him, all formulated around a specific central premise (i.e. with this film it’s Adam’s lies piling on top of lies) supported by extremely strong, quirky side character performances. This might be the epitome of this established formula, really passing 50 First Dates in my opinion. The typical Sandler ridiculous humor and smart-ass remarks are extremely well balanced with perfectly timed and executed emotional moments. The set-up for the story is pretty basic and at first almost appears predictable. It is to some extent, but the crazy directions the movie takes based on Sandler’s lies is well done and only stretches a few times. But what do you expect from the Happy Madison crew?

Watch Just Go With It Online Movie Free

And Just Go With It is no different. Based on a French stage play and an earlier film called Cactus Flower in the 60s (hence making this a modern day remake of sorts), this movie has both all out, riotous scenes designed to make you laugh, yet having depth following a tried and tested formula for a romance, which gets catalyzed by a little white lie that grows out of control, needing as one character puts it, an index card to keep track of the sprawling tales they have to tell and keep at in order to not puncture their respective ruses.

So the comedy here involves lies and truths, with Adam Sandler’s renowned plastic surgeon Danny finding out the power of sympathy and the sex that comes with it with his wearing of a wedding ring, only that he hasn’t got married just yet, playing on how some swingers just love to get it going with married men. Just when he’s serious about Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), a really young girl for his age, she finds that wedding band, and he cooks up the story that he’s actually getting a divorce. Palmer needing proof meant Danny’s persuasion (with benefits in kind) of his assistant / reception Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), a divorcée with two kids, to pose as his soon to be ex-wife, and then roping in her children Maggie (Bailee Madison) and Michael (Griffin Gluck) to pose as his as well.
Watch Just Go With It Online Movie Free

A film like this will never steer clear of toilet humour, and they are here by the truckloads. Yes it’s lowbrow sometimes, but a great way to de-stress after a hard day’s work, since you know exactly what you’re in for, and the film delivers just that.

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