Weight Loss Supplements. Is it Really Effective?

Maintaining your Ideal body weight is essential for good health.  To do so requires discipline and patience.  It is with this regard that a lot of people recourse to short cuts  to loose weight.

A myriad of techniques, programs and supplements are widespread.  Each claiming to be effective.  I shall focus my short discussion on weight loss supplements because it is more popular than dieting and exercise.

Weight loss supplements has become a big business.  Current trends show that more and more people are now aware of the adverse effects of obesity,  but unfortunately most people want to loose weight just for vanity and aesthetic reasons.  It is true that we look good to society if we are fit, with some muscles to go, some endurance on activities and increased facial value.

I would like to emphasize that losing weight will make a person more attractive physically and it makes us more healthy.  Maintaining your ideal weight, decreases your risk for diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke and musculoskeletal disorders.

Herbal supplements containing amphetamine like derivatives are very popular.  In technical terms, it can increase your metabolism by increasing your heart rate and sometimes suppressing appetite.  In theory you can burn more calories and lessen your caloric intake resulting to weight loss.  But if you just rely on this supplement for your weight loss program, in my opinion, you may lose  just 1 to 4 percent or you may not loose at all since there is no actual change in physical activity and caloric intake.

L-carnitine, an amino acid claimed to increase fat metabolism because of its role in beta oxidation has recently become popular.  Fruit juices and other beverages are widely advertised with captions of weight loss.  This amino acid is present in our muscle tissues and in meats we eat.  In theory increasing intake of this amino acid may increase fat metabolism.  Recent studies showed otherwise, supplementation did not result in weight loss.

Caffeine, a stimulant drug, again marketed as energy drinks increases your metabolism, increases your heart rate, in theory it can lead to weight loss.  Again, just like the previously mentioned herbal supplements, it may lead only to minimal weight loss or non at all.

What then is the proven weight loss regimen, it is just the balance of caloric intake and caloric expenditure.  A balanced diet low in fat and regular exercise has been proven time and time again to result in weight loss, cardiovascular fitness,  a tuned up immune system,  lower risk of hypertension and diabetes.

Just stick to the basics, and you will do fine.  Pay a visit to your internist or your primary care physician for more info.

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