Cause Someone Stress

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Human life is more difficult, complex and increasing problem of someone from the culture of modern society leaves people unable to avoid the pressures of life they experience. The condition of this crisis have an impact on improving the quality and quantity of human emotional mental illness. This is because mental health conditions every person is different.
Understanding mental health more comprehensively, and to see a mental health side passively, it is stated that mental health is a condition of a person who continually grow, develop and mature in life, accept responsibility, to the adjustment in adapting to maintain social order and action in culture. So mental health is a situation where someone has a positive nature to himself, able to grow, develop and actualize themselves, have emotional responsiveness and integration, have autonomy and self-stability, an accurate perception of reality seta able to master the environment and social competence.
Of the various pressures that exist in their environment, sometimes making one can not avoid the pressures of life, so have a bad impact on the mental. The pressure that is too heavy, such as breaking work can result in economic pressures, daydreaming, shut himself room, less lingungan and interact with other pressures that sometimes makes a person experiencing sensory changes.


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