Make A Fashion Statement With Belly Button Rings

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Hollywood has its own way of promoting new fashion. Back in the time when exposing bare navels was not allowed, they came up with a brilliant idea. The hung a small piece of jewellery on the navel. This technique of wearing jewellery was popularized by the women who belly danced.  This is the basis of the very belief that, navel jewellery is deeply rooted in the culture of Middle Eastern countries. However, this is not the fact instead; it was an innovative use of a small piece of jewellery that the Hollywood filmmakers came up with, as a workaround for the prevailing prohibitions. This concept has caught on and has grown to become a popular trend, ever since. 

Like most ideas that are churned out by Hollywood, belly button rings have grown to become one of the most fashionable and daring accessories.  Today, they are considered a vital accessory that one wears to look as trendy as they possibly can. To some, the belly button would feel naked if they did not wear the belly button ring. This way, the belly button ring has made its way to people’s navel (literally) and heart’s (figuratively) over the years.

Belly button rings are made in so many different varieties, making them flashy, fun and trendy. They could be designed to be dangling, fitted in the navel or flashy.

To be able to wear a belly button, one would require having a navel piercing. Like any other body piercing, a navel piercing is susceptible to wounds that could get infectious. Hence, if you feel that you may want a navel pierce, ensure that you are fully aware of the procedure and the materials that are involved in the process of piercing. The most important thing to consider is the material of jewellery that is most suitable for belly button jewellery.

 The most recommended material for the belly button is gold, silver, rhodium among others. It is advisable to avoid silver plated, sterling and imitation gold.  These materials have the tendency to cause infections to a recent body piercing. 

It is also recommended that you get your piercing done by an experienced and qualified practitioner. Poorly done piercing could lead to infections or other ailments. Always ensure that the equipments that the practitioner uses for your piercing are sterilized.  Finally, the process of healing varies from person to person and could take upto a week in most cases. 


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