The Moon And October

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The moon rules my life, when we have a full moon I can never sleep,
No I’m not a werewolf and yes, I do know what they say about the moon.

The moonstone is my birthstone the night and the night I was born there was a full moon
I am unashamedly a romantic and the moonlight is the most romantic light
Its effect can be overwhelming to those who are in love, or on the brink

October is to me a magic month, it heralds the end of the summer
And the beginning of winter,the moons power include helping plants grow

It’s the eight month and my favourite number is eight
October is, I think the most beautiful month with all the colours of autumn
I even wrote a poem dedicated to October and its moon

October Moon
October moon, the magic you’ve seen

The witches and broomsticks and of course Halloween

Orange and black are the colours you show

And the way that you light, the night, with your glow

You seem to add to, the chill of the night

As the goblins roam free to make sure of our fright

Jack-o’-lanterns are lit and the children are dressed

Trick-or-treating for goodies but scaring is best

October moon you have served us all well

Now November beckons, ringing winter time’s bell.

  • Johnnydod~ Oct 2010


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