Mom!? Dad!? I'm Pregnant!!!

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The test came out positive and your doctor has confirmed the news?

Congratulations! Now comes the time to think about how and when to inform the others. Would be to wait three months? How to tell to the parents, the family, but friends? There are some women who prefer to wait, but what would be the purpose? To have  time to prepare yourself mentally,so  you could announce to the others?

If you’re afraid to lose the pregnancy, or had a history before, then decide and announce  the others a little later, when you have a greater certainty of pregnancy. In addition, if you keep this secret, you and your husband will become closer.

How do you find most suitable words? Sometimes it can be difficult. You could just tell them directly, or you could try to entertain you a bit. To your husband you can tell: “Close your eyes and count to 10. What do you prefer? Gemini or only one? You have a new job in a few months.” You can use books, poems or sayings, even if it is not a fan of books. Another method is to take him shopping and get up a store of children and mothers.

You can give your mother a gift some knitting needles and a ball of wool, or a book about the best grandmother. Why not a picture of you since you were a baby, written underneath: “Now I’ll be the one who wakes up in the night every 2 hours.” With your father, you might try the question: “How would you prefer to be told? Grandpa or Dad?”.

When you decide to give them the news, it’s best to tell your mom separately to observe the mother-daughter connection. It is also a female solidarity for the sake of generations. You can debug the memories and at the same time you can get tips to prepare you for the experience that will result in pregnancy.

Instead, your father is more difficult and many women are trying to find the perfect words for that purpose. Telling him that you are pregnant, wearing practically an open discussion about your sexuality, is not so easy. If you think is  hard, tell him when all the family is present.

It’s time to announce your boss so he  know that you need to leave workplace for a period before birth. Keep in mind that the fact that you’re pregnant  should not interfere with your work, wages or rights. There are laws that protect you and you have certain rights in the future as a mother.

Best of luck!!!


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