Review of Crash Proof Prosperity By Insider

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Crash Proof Prosperity Review From the Inside

My name is Rod MacKenzie and I have been involved with various different components of what has now been packaged together as Crash Proof Prosperity. I started with the VRA Letter about 2 years ago, and I’ve had nothing but positive things to say about Kip and the quality of his publication.

The VRA Letter basically follows what Kip Herriage, former Wall Street insider, is ding with his own portfolio. I’ve used it (along with reviewing Crash Proof Prosperity’s Celente, and Root’s work) to take control over my own finances. No longer do I hand my money over to someone else and trust that they must know better what to do with it than I do. The VRA has a remarkable history of triple digit years (6 of the last 7).

After following first Kip, then Root, then getting introduced to Celente after meeting him at a conference, I was already using bits of all of their work to figure out what is going on with the economy and invest accordingly.

After 2 years with Herriage, one reading some of Root’s stuff, then the past several months with Celente (getting more impressed wth time) I have nothing bad to say about any of them and look forward to reviewing Crash Proof Prosperity again.

Celente’s Trends Research Institute and Trends Journal are like the economy’s barometer and their predictions come to pass with remarkable reliability. Crash Proof Prosperity will review this information in detail.

Root is the most likely candidate for the Libertarian Party presidential candidate in 2012, bestselling author, and self made millionaire. His insights into the inner circle of politics and business is invaluable.

I will continue to Crash Proof Prosperity because I believe it is the best place to turn to take care of the future for my family. I hope this Review of Crash Proof Prosperity from someone has used the program components has been helpful.


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