Monday, December 11

Tips For Women to Look Fashionable

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Being a women and making fashion statements are in mo ways easy tasks. In fact, given the rate at which fashion keeps changing, it is quite challenging to look fashionable all through the year. However, the easiest way to ensure that you look fashionable is to find clothes that best suits your own personality.

The rule of fashion that never gets old or inaccurate is to always strive to accentuate your best features/assets and to draw attention away from any flaws that you think you may have. This simple technique will make sure that you not only look fashionable but also that you look your very best at all times.

We have put together a few essential points that you should always remember while buying clothes.

  • Buy clothes that flatter your body frame and structure

  • For a slimming effect, pick fabrics that flow freely and are single toned

  • For the summers, cottons and organza are the most comfortable and appropriate fabrics

  • For winters, leather, silk and woollens are the best choice

  •  If you are consider yourself as short, avoid very short dresses. Instead, try long skirts with fish cuts

  • If you thin, stay away from sleeveless tops. Try to wear clothes that are colourful and create the illusion of curves

  • For the mornings, choose light and pleasant shades like pink, blue and emerald green

  • For late evening events, you can choose vibrant, shimmering and slightly jazzier colours.

Another important thing that you will always need to consider while buying clothes is your skin tone.  If you are fair complexioned, then shades like copper and gold will look very good. If you are dark complexioned, then gold look exceptionally beautiful on this skin tone. Finally, if you are complexion is wheatish then, shades of beige, white and bronze will suit you very well. 

Always ensure that you wear well fitted clothes. Remember, over sized clothes not only add unwanted bulk, they also make you look shapeless. Always accessorise your clothes with a chain, bracelet or earrings, Moreover, make sure that your accessories and your outfit complement each other. 

Finally, it is essential that you feel beautiful from the inside, for it to reflect on the outside. It only takes a beautiful smile and confidence to make you feel and look beautiful.

With these handy tips on buying the right clothes, looking beautiful is not rocket science anymore.  


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