Why You Should Donate Clothes

Not many people know this but when you have clothes which are out of style, or those which do not fit you anymore, instead of throwing them away you should take the effort and donate clothes. This serves two purpose, you provide clothing to someone who really needs it as well make sure you don’t waste old clothes.  There will be several clothing drives within your community which will take donations but if you do not find any then you could go find the Salvation Army and donate clothes.

Please for make sure that the clothes you donate are not torn, stained or in any way defective. No one wants to wear such clothes, not even homeless people. Apart from clothes you can also donate other items in your house that you do not need. So do a thorough search of your house before heading out to the Salvation Army. Not always are these clothes and items you donate given to homeless people, they also sometimes go to small rural shops where people not very well off buy clothes at cheaper prices. Basically, your donations will go to different charities who will make best use in donating them to whoever needs it the most.

There are also several charity special events which happen in several localities. For example I know of a particular event which happens in my community which is known as the Winter Coat Drive. This is basically giving off your unused winter coats so that poor families can utilise them and keep themselves warm in winters. Coats can be of all sizes however, the main focus here are smaller children. Apart from coats you can also donate other winter items such as gloves, scarves and hats which can help low income family and homeless children keep warm during heavy winters. Remember; make sure the coats and items you donate are clean.

Other donations include for women who have come from a violent domestic background as well as women who are looking for work after coming off welfare. These clothes include business clothes which the women can wear during job interviews. One of the best rewards of donating such clothes is that it gives you a sense of satisfaction. You make a big difference in lives of women, children who are less fortunate. You are helping them stand up on their feet again and giving them the confidence of going out in the open and doing something good with their life. 

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