Getting The Best Fit In Renaissance Costumes

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Are you due to attend a Renaissance faire or a Renaissance themed party? So, you will need to find an appropriate costume for the evening. Wearing Renaissance inspired costumes is such a thrilling and fun experience. However, it’s vital that the costume is comfortable and allows you to breathe comfortably. We have provided a comprehensive list of the essential tips to help you find the right costume for the upcoming event.

How to get the fitting right:

Most people find themselves shopping for their Renaissance costumes on the Internet. Given the wide variety of options that are available online, it seems only fair that this is the most popular means of shopping. However, in these circumstances, getting the proper fit is essential.  Hence, ensure that you order the clothes well in advance. This will allow you ample time to exchange or alter the clothes, should the need arise. Moreover, pay special attention to the instruction on sizes that are provided by the retailer. There is a fair chance that no two retailers will use the same size measurements.  Some Renaissance costumes are designed to fit differently. Hence , make sure that you take into account your body structure before you decide on your costume.

Taking measurements accurately:

It is crucial that you take your body measurements correctly and accurately while shopping online. This is one of the most important steps as online shopping does not give you the opportunity to try out an outfit before actually buying it. 

Take all the measurements in “inches”.  Use a relatively new measuring tape since old ones tend to stretch. This could give you inaccurate measurements. While taking the measurements, remember that the area of the bust must be measured around the fullest part of the chest. The waist measurements can be obtained by measuring the areas that you usually wear your trousers.  If you need to get the measurement for a skirt, measure the length from the waist to the floor.

Finally, while shopping online, make sure that you always look up the size chart that is provided by the specific retailer. Moreover, most Renaissance costume retailer will also provide you customer assistance to ensure that you get the best fit for your costumes. Another great tip is to try to get all your accessories and clothes from the same retailer. This is a good way to save the on the cost of shipping.

With this sorted, your Renaissance costume will be the talk of the party. 


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