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Regardless of age, every woman wants to look the best she can. It’s most definitely true in cases of formal occasions, when everyone notices what you are wearing. To this, add the additional pressure of being in your teens. This is precisely why buying your prom dress is no easy feat. However, there is good news, in recent times; evening gowns are designed keeping in mind, every body shape and size. To make things simpler, we have made a set of guidelines that you will find handy while finding the perfect formal dress.

The mantra of Loving your Body

Although it may be difficult to find a single teenager who has no complaints about her body, it is essential that we love the body we are born in, to feel beautiful. Sure it’s easier said than done, especially owing the way media has portrayed the image of an ‘ideal’ body frame. However, real women don’t need to emulate those reed thin models. You should not find yourself aspiring to look like those waif-like models. Instead, you should love the way you look.

Before you set out to find yourself that prom dress, observe yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that you love what you are looking at. Regardless of whether you are short, tall, petite or plus sized, remember that you deserve to treat yourself well. Make up your mind about what you think is your best asset and what features you are not comfortable drawing attention to.

Highlight the Positives

If you consider yourself as being petite, for instance, then you may want to get a prom dress that makes your limbs look longer. In that case, you should find something with lines and sans excess fabric. A short dress may be a good option as this will accentuate your legs. Throw in a pair of high heeled shoes for extra height.

If you are plus sized you also have a wide variety of clothes and designs to choose from. If you have a pear shaped frame, then you can choose to accentuate your booty by wearing a well fitted dress. You can also try a flowing shirt which will draw attention away from the problem area.  If your frame is an apple shaped one, then V-necklines will do you wonders. Even an empire styled waistline will accentuate the upper body, whilst highlighting your curves.

Finally, whatever the body shape, love yourself and ooze confidence. You are sure to look elegant. 


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