How Not To Get Scammed Purchasing Coach Purses On Ebay.

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A very popular place to buy Coach Purses is eBay. The website offers many deals and discounts on coach purses through several resellers. However, the truth of the matter is that you can easily get cheated and deceived.  Many of the resellers on eBay are not genuine and they sell you fake coach purses. There are ways of identifying fake deals which you can find below.

To start off, identify sellers of coach purses who have several of the same type of bags. Fake websites will sell these products to dishonest resellers who will buy a bulk of the same kind of bags and try to sell them by advertising on eBay.  You have to be careful while considering cloth bags since fabric is inexpensive and easier to exploit.

There are several ways of identifying a fake picture. Firstly, try to identify if the picture is real or not. To do this, make sure that the picture is not from the Coach Purse website itself. If this is the case then the picture on eBay will have a white background to it. Secondly, if the picture displayed in a very small size without showing any finer details then it could be fake. Try asking the reseller to send you another photo in close up. If they don’t, means it’s fake. Remember, only some common sense is required to identify whether it’s fake or not.

Also try to read the fine print written about the Purse. Make sure that it is described as an authentic Coach Purse. However, there are several fake dealers on eBay who can easily make it sound as though they have the actual purse with them.

Try to make sure you read up about the seller. Based on the feedback given to the seller you can decide whether the items they are selling are fake or not.  People who have got tricked before will definitely rate the seller poor and write that it’s fake. So pay close attention. You can always contact the reseller asking them details if you wish, so do not hesitate.

Try using PayPal for payments, as if you get cheated you can always dispute the transaction and get your money back.

The article may make eBay sound like a bad place to buy items; it is not, just remember to keep your eyes open to prevent disappointment. 


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