Saturday, December 16

Finding The Style That Suits You The Most

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Regardless of the changing nature of fashion, girls and teenagers always want to look fashionable and trendy at all times.  However, there are some basic clothing items for girls that they simply must have in their wardrobe, in order to look fashionable. These are certain key pieces that can go a long way in helping you create several fashionable looks.

Denims for instance, are a constant in most of our wardrobes. However, the styles of denims are constantly changing. While at one time low waist jeans with flair at the leg were considered trendy, in less than a year it was the high waisted, skinny jeans that were deemed fashionable. Although you want to have a sense of personal style and not care too much about what is considered trendy currently, you are likely to only find current trends in most stores. Therefore, to keep yourself informed about what is currently in fashion, shop at local malls or find yourself a fashion magazine.

A pair of jeans is a fantastic basic garment that can be worn to create so many looks. If you want to create a causal look, pull on a simple t-shirt or a sweater and team this up with a pair of sneakers. The same pair of jeans can be use to look dressy by teaming it up with a fancy camisole or a blouse with an elegant jacket and high heels.  Similarly, other basic wardrobe must haves are shorts, skirts, tank tops, dresses for the summer, turtle necks and blazers.  

The quality of the clothes that you buy can be overlooked, since with the changing trends you are likely to buy clothes very frequently. Therefore, sometimes it is acceptable to overlook the durability factor of an outfit.

It’s also essential that you don’t become a slave to the changing fashion. It is essential that you take the time to express your own, personal sense of style. The best thing about teen clothing is that you can easily experiment with different styles, before you decide which one is closest to the kind of person you are.

Apart from the clothes, always remember that accessorising your look is just as fun and fashionable as the clothes itself. You can choose to accessorise your look with earrings, bracelets, hairclips, bags, shoes, caps and other funky accessories. 

Finally, remember that what really matters is how you feel from the inside. Smile, laugh and enjoy everything that you do.


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