Corsets: What You Didn’t Know About Them

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Since the time of the ancient Minoans in the year 2000 BC, it has been recorded that women have been wearing corsets. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about a corset? I am sure it is something that is a bulky and heavy garment from medieval times in Europe. This definition is true, however things have changed now. Older corsets in traditional times used to be really big, bulky, heavy and uncomfortable to wear. But now with modern fabric technology corsets can be easily be worn by women.

Most women in the world would never have worn/owned a corset. But say you are looking for something that can accentuate your bust line and curves then look no further. Let us take a more in depth look at corsets. It is basically a garment which covers the region between your bust line to your waist. The shape of the corset is curved in such a way that when you wear it you have a classic hour glass shape to your lower torso. The side of the corset which sets the body shape is made of hard plastic or lightweight metal. There are some potential health hazards to your internal organs while wearing a corset incorrectly which is why you can buy a trainer corset first. There is technique in wearing a corset.

First loosen the strings at the back and unzip the zipper at the front. Then insert the garment into your torso. Zip the zipper at the front ensuring the rear strings are all aligned. Then pull the strings to tighten the corset and fit you better. Make sure you don’t tighten the strings so much that you cannot breathe or move comfortably. The first thing you will notice is that your bust line will be accentuated and you will be showing much more cleavage than you are normally used to. This may take time getting used to. It has been observed that women with larger busts wear a corset instead of regular bras since it supports the bust better.

There are several different types of corsets available in the market today. There are ones with different fabrics such as lace, slik, and satin along with being present in a varied range of colours. Though corsets are traditionally considered to be intimate apparel, nowadays women are also wearing ones which can be worn for outdoor wear. 


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