Affordable Fashion: Cocco-Ligator Handbags

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Luxury Italian handbags are synonymous with style and quality.  That said these bags are not always affordable. However, things have changed and today, as a result of innovative manufacturing process these sought after tote bags, fashion handbags and handcrafted purses have become more affordable.

This improved process is known as the Cocco-Ligator Process. The secret for more affordable fashion is cocco-ligator skin. This ligator process involves the heating of fibers from the skin of crocodiles and alligators. Following which the skin is given a high gloss finish and then stuck on good quality leather. Once the process is complete, the leather with the cocco skin is then given to artisans to develop handbags.

There are two different types of patterns available for cocco-ligator bags. You can choose based on whether you want to purchase for personal use or want to purchase for your retail store.  The two different patterns are regular and hornback. The regular is ‘irregular and large’ utilising the belly pattern. The patterns on the side are rounder and smaller. The other pattern hornback is rougher and based on the back of a crocodile/alligator.

There may be only two patterns available for Cocco-Ligator, but there are several colours they can be available in. Colours are an important part of an Italian luxury bag. There are many different colours such as golds, white, homey, black, cream, green etc in which cocco-ligator luxury bags can be available in.

Apart from the patterns and colours available for Cocco-Ligator bags, one of the most important aspects of a luxury bag is its design and style. You can get different handbags for different occasions, events, time of day etc. For example fashion handbags are good for daytime and causal outfits, while more classically designed purses are more for elegance and sophistication. Products such as clutches are useful during special occasions and evening wear. For business purposes tote bags are the most sought after.

Cocco-Ligator bags can be a wonderful alternative to genuine leather handbags made from exotic skins. There are mainly two reasons for this. Firstly, this ligator process allows more of the repltile to be used, thus helping in its conservation. Secondly Cocco-Ligator bags are much cheaper than authentic ones while providing the same amount of luxury, style and design.

Make sure you buy your desired Cocco-Ligator handbags from a well established company to give you the same level of satisfaction an authentic leather one would give.


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