Struggling to Find The Right Job, or Are Unhappy at Work?

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You’ve heard of Tweeting, but have you heard of Tweaking??

Full service career coaching can be great, (as a career coach, I am obviously a fan!) but sometimes you just need a fresh perspective, advice or a kick in the you-know-what! You need a Tweak! If you have ever just been “stuck”, you know what I mean! It is so hard to see our forest for our our own trees, isn’t it?

There are so many unhappily employed and unemployed people these days, and the feedback I constantly get is that many of these folks feel like they are frozen- can’t move forward for a variety of reasons-fear, money, risk aversion, lack of self confidence, lack of skills, knowledge, personal challenges, etc.

It is so important to surround yourself with people who are fans of yours, either personally or professionally. And you must make time to do the things that relax you, that put you in a better place mentally and emotionally. Here are some quick tips:

– Identify an informal board of trusted advisers who you know, and who will be honest with you, and then you repay the favor!

– Ask yourself what you would tell a friend in the same situation…then follow that great advice!

– Write down all of the possible solutions, crazy or not. Put it away, get it out again in a few days and add to it. Keep going, keep adding, keep evaluating your solutions. You know the right one is in there!

And if are still stuck and want a completely fresh perspective, “tweak” with us for direct, no messing around advice. And believe me, we can accomplish a lot in a tweak!

Let’s Get Tweakin’!


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