How Improve Your Google Ranking- 6 Easy Steps-Pt 2 ãƒâ¢ã¢â€šâ¬ã¢â&sbq

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Hello, this is part 2, in the video series -IMPROVE YOUR GOOGLE RANKING- WITH 6 EASY STEPS-.
So the second thing to implement is -UPDATE YOUR CONTENT REGULARLY-.

Why: Google’s spiders check websites regularly and always favour those that are being updated. Google see this as a positive sign that things are happening, as opposed to website that has not had any updates for 6- 12months. Consequently Google will reward those websites with good content with higher rankings.
It is therefore vital that you determine an ‘update strategy’. It isn’t any good, updating your website when you feel like it! As well as determining who will manage the updates (see below); you have to decide how often.
How: Your two main options are to a), Add content/ new pages to your website, or/and b) add a blog to your website.
If you go for adding new pages/more content, this requires planning and effort, and could add significant costs, especially if you put the work out to a copywriter or web developer.
If you add a blog (ie, www.mywebsite/blog), you can concentrate of useful blog entries, that will not only impress Google (depending on quality content), but Google make index your blog post separately, on their search engines.
Who: As mentioned, you can put this out to copy writers or web developers, and you bear the cost, select a member of staff to be responsible, or do it yourself

When: You have to decide, as it depends on your strategy method, and how much you are willing to invest. Monthly, is probably the minimum, but weekly is better. Hence why a blog helps considerably
What: You can have a’ news’ page which you updated regularly, or add new products/services, or re-write content relative your company & vision. In your blog can be used to announce new products, company information, or new plans, or publish announcements about your industry, or products/services, becoming’ informative’


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