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Rockville Veterinarian – Should I Buy Pet Insurance?

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Should I Buy Pet Insurance?

Hi! This is Dr. Adam Jaffe from Montgomery Animal Hospital. A question that I get asked fairly often is…pet insurance. Should I get it? Shouldn’t I get it? Is it right for my pet? my cat? My dog? And it’s a little bit of a complicated question but I am trying to answer it.

It’s important to know that there are multiple insurance companies out there but they all generally work the same. You are going to come to the office and you’re going to have a service or services performed and then you’re gonna pay for that service. Then, what we’re going to do is fill out your insurance claim with the diagnosis or it can be a wellness visit, we’re gonna check that all and you’re going to submit it to your insurance company. They will reimburse you based on their reimbursement schedule after the fact, based on what they do for different things.

So, maybe, a wellness visit, vaccines will reimburse a smaller amount but potentially for a major surgery or something more orthopedic or catastrophic, they are going to pay more. And that’s another thing that you would want to look into…look at different pet insurance companies , look at what do they pay out more on and what are the different type of plans and try to figure out which one is right for you.

You know shopping for the insurance of your pet is nothing different as shopping insurance for yourself. You have to find a combination of place as well as benefits offered. And so, I do hear often after the fact that people say “I wish I got my pet a pet insurance”. When the other dog has had an emergency surgery or foreign body ingestion or something along those lines, people look after the fact and say “I should have act”. I tell those people I understand what you’re talking about.

So, it is also important to know that you are not just necessarily paying for the wellness stuff but just preparing for something catastrophic or for the emergency that would just cost you a lot more money. And so you have to decide is it worth it? Do I have this crazy choco lab running around the yard? Or do I have a 2 pound Chihuahua that never leaves the couch? You have to also factor that for your decision as well. And ultimately, you can also do your research and figure out if that’s what you really want to do. Hope these answered the question.


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