Tuesday, December 12

Petition to Congress, First Lady, And The President

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With the rising cost of food and the increasing need to cut budgets for both high schools and senior citizens, it is time we take advantage of all our resources, including each other.  Our First Lady is calling for better nutrition programs even now and we are allowing a generation of citizens to die without a chance of sharing their knowledge and influence.  Additionally, our high school drop out rates continue to rise and seem to match the rise in the communitie’s rate of violence….

With an ever increasing elderly population, we can take this time to avoid losing their knowledge of a time when rotary phones and washing machines were the latest “high tech” items to be found.  Only 52 years old, I have been fortunate enough to know 7 generations of my family, beginning with my maternal great-grandmother who helped me learn self sufficiency and sustainability.  What happens in just the next 10 years when that generation has died out and taken their experiences with them?

Let’s not make the mistake of letting one of the most valuable resources availabe to us, our Senior Citizens, die out taking all their knowledge and experience with them.  Let’s not make the mistake of letting our future leaders, today’s students, forget or never know the vast amount of advancement our society has made in the last century or half century.  Let’s combine these elements to assist and continue advancing our country’s “melting pot” so we can provide more for all with less expenditure.



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