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Ten Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss

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The increasing noise pollution is endangering our ears and is disturbing our health and behavior in a number of ways including deafness and other ear problems. If this noise pollution is not controlled, it will not only affect our ears, but also it will create physiological and psychological problems. It is necessary to follow certain tips to protect our ears from hearing loss.

There are many reasons for losing one’s hearing power. Earlier identification of these hearing problems can enable us to take steps to protect the ears and minimize loss of hearing.

Ten tips to prevent hearing loss

1) Make use of the natural protection

Nature has provided glands which produce wax to keep foreign bodies entering into the ears. Wax in the ears is a natural protector. Hence it is dangerous to remove wax from the ear using some sharp objects.

2) Use earplugs wherever needed

Earplugs can protect your ears from contamination, especially while swimming or taking bath. Contaminated water can infect the ears and cause ear troubles.

3) Avoid noises high in decibels

Noise more than 50 decibels can be very difficult to hear and interpret and it causes problems such as partial deafness. It is always advisable to limit the decibel power.

4) Avoid noisy places

Residing near places which cause constant noise should be avoided as for as possible. Traffic roads, railway stations, etc. experience constant noise pollution and they can be avoided.

5) Avoid prolonged exposure to noise

Hearing loss occurs when the ears are exposed to continuous or prolonged exposure to noise. A sudden loud blast or bursting of crackers may cause hearing loss. Hence ears should be protected in such circumstances. 

6) Prevent infection through nose, etc.

Infection spreading through nose, throat, nasopharynx and sinuses affect the ears also via the Eustachian tube. The fluid or pus in the ear cavity may cause diseases and hearing loss. Hence proper medicines should be taken to arrest infection.

7) Prevent virus and bacteria from attacking the ears

Sometimes people stop medicines in the middle of the course when they feel a little better. But actually the virus and bacteria which are still active affect the ears and cause hearing loss. Inadequate dosage is always dangerous.

8) Avoid ototoxic drugs

Some drugs are ototoxic and are poisonous and dangerous to ears. Hence it is necessary to take those drugs only under proper medical guidance and supervision. If any change in hearing or some giddiness is noticed after taking a drug, it should be brought to the knowledge of the physician.

9) Ears and head should be properly protected

Head injuries or ear injuries during accidents may lead to hearing loss. Wearing helmet during two-wheeler driving may protect the skull and ears in accidents. Trauma-related damage to the ears can be prevented by taking precautionary measures. 

10) Hearing loss due to aging or hereditary reasons

It is quite natural that one experiences hearing loss due to hereditary reasons or advancing aging. In such cases, professional guidance and proper medication are necessary. Periodical hearing test is advisable. 


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