Thursday, December 14

#1 Mistake In Home Business ã¢â‚¬â€œ 50 Day Video Challenge (Day 18)

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What is the biggest mistake made by network marketing and home based business entrepreneurs today?

95% of home based businesses and network marketing businesses fail because we think that we exist to sell products. That’s the problem. We are not in this business to sell product. We are not in business to sell vitamins, juices, or electricity (whatever your product may be). We are in business to get people “in the business.”

Here is a very short list of things that really do not matter much at all in your business: 1) It doesn’t matter that your products are cheaper. 2) It doesn’t matter that your products are better than the competitions’ products. 3) It doesn’t matter that you have a patent on your product. 4) It doesn’t matter that your product is made from some strange and rare berry from the rainforest in South Africa!

The ONLY think that matters is that your products provide a viable solution to the consumer. That is necessary for your long-term success.

So, stop worrying about the features and benefits of your products. Stop talking about the price. And we definitely need to stop worrying about the competition! If there is no competition, that means there is no demand for your products or services. If there is no demand, then you are out of business. End of story.

Our business is marketing. If you want to win, then learn to market.

Here is what I mean. You could purchase 2000 gallons of the newest, best super juice that will cure every disease known to man. You can stand there and look at it in your garage, then go back inside to check your bank account online and find there is no change. You didn’t make any money! Why?
Because, unless you know how to market that product to the right people, it will not earn you a dime. The money is not in the product. The money is in knowing how to market that product.

In reality, in this industry, your product is the marketing system that you use. Here are two things that you need to etch into your memory – together they will change the way you see your business, and maybe even change your life:

1. You sell a marketing system to distributors.

2. The marketing system sells your company’s product.

McDonalds Restaurant is a perfect example. People simply don’t eat there for the gourmet quality cuisine. The go instead because of the “predictable experience,” the prices are low, and the food isn’t bad.

Ray Croc didn’t sell hamburgers. He sold a moneymaking system in a brick and mortar box. That system turned beef into cash, and it did it consistently. Franchisers buy the system, and the system sells the product.
Therefore, our job is:

1. Market A SYSTEM to distributors that sells the company products.

2. Teach our distributors to be leaders and marketers so they can duplicate the process.

Don’t fall into the trap that so many network marketers and home based business entrepreneurs fall into by making this huge mistake. The bottom line moral of this story is simple: Don’t sell your product! ☺

To Your Success!

Jerry Spangler


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