Monday, December 11

Illegal Immigrants Cost Americans Millions

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Illegals costing Americans millions

The people who enter this country illegally do so (most of them, anyway) because they expect to find steady work here that is not available in their home country. They are trying to find a way to support their families and most of them send money back home. I do not condemn them for doing whatever they think is necessary to maintain their families. Indeed, I applaud them. Most of them are reliable and hard-working. The economic turmoil in their home countries is not something they desired or created. There will be no attempt here to condemn them or their willingness to seek employment here when it is not available at home.

Their effect on our economy, however, is devastating. They are consistently willing to work for lower wages than American citizens (or legal foreign workers, for that matter) would accept for the same jobs. This creates a downward pressure on wages that pervades the whole economy, except at the executive level. At least, that caveat is true so far. I am certain that some boards of directors and CEOs have endeavored to find a way to draw top-level management talent from foreign sources, simply because a salary of $80,000 for an executive vice-president in charge of global operations would be laughed at by American candidates but would sound like a small fortune to a qualified candidate from, say, Angola.

The current situation for employment in this country is serious and appears to be getting worse. Jobs are scarce and wages have been stagnant or dropping for years. One of the main reasons for this is the availability of 10 to 14 million (depending on whom you ask and when you ask them) undocumented workers. This creates a larger pool of job applicants than would otherwise be the case and enables employers to hire citizens for less than a living wage. Note that the discussion of this effect is not directed at those who hire large numbers of illegal workers but rather at employers who hire legally.

It has been asserted by many that we need large numbers of undocumented workers. Some claim they are actually a boost to the economy. It has been said they “do jobs that Americans won’t do.” Nonsense. Does anybody really believe that if we did not have all these extra hands the tomatoes would rot in the fields and the sheets would never get changed in motels and hospitals? If they could demonstrate that these workers really are necessary, then Congress could simply enact a dramatic increase in the number of work permits it issues. Our government would not do that because it would be extremely unpopular, especially among those who are unemployed or underemployed.

If the object is to provide help in finding gainful employment for the millions who have come here illegally, the best way to do that would be to assist in whatever way we can to create new jobs in their home countries.


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