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How to Gain Website Traffic From Twitter

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Mastering the fine art of how to gain website traffic from twitter can be both a grueling task and a joyful endeavor that produces its own reward. Many people, whether for the purposes of business marketing or personal branding, have a message or service that they want to gain exposure for. Fortunately, the information-sharing micro-blogging service offers a few methods for additional traffic generation.

Discover Relevant Networks

Just as you would perform face-to-face networking in “real life” via meetings, conferences, and other events, so too should you use Twitter to connect with those in your industry and field of interest. Part of understanding how to gain website traffic from twitter is understanding the cooperative nature of information-sharing and the appeal of your account to your target audience. If you are a lawn-and-garden shop, then you should be following relevant leaders in your area of expertise, even interacting with them by taking advantage of “@” messages, retweeting their posts, and otherwise generally ensuring that your account is not overwhelmingly self-promotional and nothing else. If you follow feeds that have some relation to what you do, they are more likely to follow back; and, as a bonus, they are also much more likely to promote you via shout-outs in their own feeds as well. Not only will this result in more followers and thus more potential website visitors, but it will also enhance your professional credibility to make existing followers more likely to regard your site as worth visiting as well.

Optimize Promotion Frequency

Regarding Twitter usage, it is definitely possible to tweet too often, but it is also a problem if you are tweeting too infrequently. Grasping the details of how to gain website traffic from twitter means finding the moderate balance not only of tweet frequency but also the ratio of self-promotional posts against updates that reflect appealing content. If your account is tweeting a hundred times a day doing nothing but puffing up yourcompany to sound great with weasel words, nobody will know why they should follow you or check out your business further. You will look more like a spambot than a legitimate account. However, if you tweet throughout the day to not only highlight your special deals you can offer customers but also perhaps provide links to related articles, retweet your allies, and genuinely interact with people, then your account will be much more desirable for others to begin following. More followers means more exposure, and if you link to yourwebsite on your bio and throughout your tweets, visits will naturally occur as a result.

Produce Distinctive Content

Beyond any of the manipulative tricks, automation programs, and seemingly innovative techniques, the best way to attract followers (and thus website visitors) is to produce content that is high in quality, distinctive in nature, and unique across the web. If you are regularly publishing items that nobody else can match, then your tweets will have demand. If your followers know that you are publishing the funniest material, the best deals, the lowest prices, the top-notch articles, and the most provocative thoughts, you will appear to be more savvy, more desirable, and more valuable than your competitors. Just as celebrities act outrageously in order to gain a following, so too must you at least do something noteworthy to attract any attention whatsoever.

Knowing how to gain website traffic from twitter can be a great tool in your web marketing arsenal, along with understanding the basics of SEO and third-party automation applications such as Hootsuite and Social Oomph. Whatever strategies you end up using, the most rewarding will be those that deliver quality content to interested viewers.


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