Thursday, December 14

The Problem With Modern Video Games Consoles

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Video Games consoles and their problems

Today I just was about to enjoy a little play with the $400 machine and the multiple games each at $60 that I just recently bought and to my surprise it broke down. 

A complicated and advanced machinery as is the xbox 360 just cant recognize a disc and has the open trayproblem, I keep at it for hours until I give up. I mean an advanced console can’t even figure out that the disc is in there already. 

I call the xbox phone number and wait and wait until some guy answers and explains the complications of the machine and starts his argument that I must have done something wrong. And then I explain that the only thing I did wrong is not having bought a PS3, he tells me to send it in but I will have to pay even more and here they start milking me away with my money.

As if they have not gotten their share already by selling a piece of crap of a console that don’t even work when its supposed to. I’m mad as hell and just went and bought a ps3 and smashed the xbox 360 to pieces with a bat. A dam waste of money for nothing but problems and wasted time trying to have a good time. So now I’m a happy ps3 owner with out any problems. Never again shall I buy or even touch a XBOX 360, NEVER.


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