Wednesday, December 13

What The Best Dropshippers Will Do

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Inventory is important to any business, but so is movement. You want to be able to move products quickly, but your business may not have the space or the funds to allow for a high number of products. Purchasing products in advance of sales, keeping an inventory and hoping that the products move can sometimes be overwhelming, for new or even mid-sized businesses. So what do you do?  Your business will save on the high cost of inventory and space by using dropshippers.  The dropshippers will ship the products directly to your buyer for you.

Tips for Securing the Best Dropshippers

  • Make sure your business’s name and address will be the only thing the customer receives on any paperwork or on the box that that the products are shipped in. You do not want your customers calling the dropshipper with questions, or for repeat orders. All calls, future leads and related information need to be sent directly to you.

  • Stay away from companies that demand that they attach their company’s name or address to any orders. Those are your customers’ orders. When this happens, your customers will get direct marketing material from a dropshipper, which is less than desirable.  

  • Turnaround time is crucial. You need to make sure that your customers will not be waiting for three weeks to get their products. Make sure that the company you choose to do business with has a quick ship time.

  • The dropshipper’s website must be kept up to date. The site should give you secure information as to products that are backlogged, new products coming in and any important updates. Keep track of inventory from your supplier/s end and update your site as needed. Your customers will appreciate it.

  • Tracking orders is vital. There may be time when a delivery is delayed by things outside of the dropshipper’s point of reference. Bad weather, the customer entering a wrong address or any number of other events can delay packages. Make sure that all packages are traceable.

  • The best dropshippers offer email service, telephone numbers and they will be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. The more access you have to your suppliers the better you will be when any problems come up or questions need to be addressed.


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