Sunday, December 17

Chamarel – Seven Colors of Earth

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My vacation at Mauritius an year back was full exciting water sports, beautiful scenic beauty and great exposure to a different culture. Out of the seven days, our first day visit included site seeing at Chamarel. While I was curious about the tag seven colors of earth, I was also wondering at my own wild imagination of it. Will it be patches of colors on earth, shades of rainbow? Or will it be some human colored ground?

And my eyes found answers with one glimpse at Chamarel. There were not seven colors though… there were more!! Multiple shades of pinks and purples, reds and yellows… neither rock nor sand. Neither too soft nor hard… just good enough to remain as it is after years full of winds, rains and storms. It was indeed beautiful. How has it survived the climatic conditions, how in the first place is the sand colorful… debates amongst geologist continue but it’s believed that mineral rich volcanic ash is the root cause of breath taking multi-colored lunatic landscape.

Scientific descriptions were indeed interesting but, more interesting were the soothing effects this view was having on the eyes. The colors were going up and down and up again in layers of sand. Touching or walking on it was not allowed, for the best I think. Because the first desire I had after looking at the view was to dig my hand into the soft sandy hill.

Huge tortoises were another attraction for the tourists. All four of them were cuddled up together and were busy chewing leaves. Visit to Chamarel told me that apart from the chameleon there are other entities too which are capable of changing color. It’s a memorable place with mystic colorful beauty.


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