Wednesday, December 13

My Son, My Hero

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It’s hard for me to describe what it’s like to be a part of a military family especially as a Mother. The pride that you feel for the choices that you child has made is enormous. On the other hand the fear of YOUR child paying the ultimate sacrifice is astoundiing. I pray for his safety everyday and even that is not enough to give me a feeling of ease.Jerrod is young strong and very brave. He is also stubborn and head strong. He has made choices in his life that most of us couldn’t even imagine and even if we could I don’t think that we could have made it through boot camp.

Three months of grueling physical and mental reconditioning and no contact with your family except for through the mail. We were lucky, Jerrod was stationed close to home. He just is a mere six hundred miles away at Camp Lejeune North Carolina. We live in Ohio. Thank God that my son is close to both me and his Dad because if not we would not see him often. We have seen him about once every couple of months for the last year. The saddest part of this is that he graduated on Febraury 26, 2010 and he will deploy on March 01,2011. A very short year after his enlistment.

I know to those of you that aren’t a member of a military family that it sounds easy go over spend seven months and come home. It’s not that easy. Jerrod will be sent to one of the deadlier provinces of Afganastan and I hope that our prayers are enough to bring him home safe. I pray more that he comes home in one piece both mentally and physically. I fear for hhim daily and he’s not even gone.

The families and loved ones of the military pay the ultimate price. We can lose our sons or daughters in a second and never get to say good bye I love you and they have died in a foreign land not even close to home. We worry everyday until they come home and we watch the news just to make sure that they have made it through one more day. The ulitimate sacrifice so that we can sontinue to say ” The land of the free and the home of hte brave”.

My son is still just a teen that is willing to give his life for his country. A teen that was difficult growing up and stubborn as an adult . A teen that I look up to every single day that I am alive. My hero for life.


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