Friday, December 15

First Ever Lesbian Film Released in Thailand

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Good news for us who can’t speak Thai, the film, titled “Yes or No” features English subtitles and two lead female roles.

The movie is based on a stereotypical college student, who is pretty, self-centered, bossy and from a well-to-do background in the sprawling metropolis of Bangkok. We may very well call her a spoiled little B……. !

The other lead character is Kim, who is a farm girl, with short hair and small bust that goes about her way wearing cargo pants and boyish clothes. Thai’s generally refer to the more masculine looking lesbians as ‘Tom’, which Kim definitely is.

Pie and Kim are set to be roommates in a college dorm, and when Pie first meets Kim she innocently enquires whether Kim is a girl. Kim, being the easy-going farm girl is quite innocent about being labeled as a Tom, explaining that she has never had a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Pie expresses her hostilities towards Kim, echoing her mother’s prejudices and wants to switch roommates, but is unable to do so, quickly asserting her authority by marking off her side of the room in red tape.

Like most LGBT films, “Yes or No” works on a number of layers, including a love triangle with Van, a handsome boy with little personality who wants to become Pie’s boyfriend, while Jane, an over-sensitive feminine lesbian attempts to seduce Kim.

The film also entertains on a third level as well, with an underlying comedy theme which takes the pressure off the on and off nature of the developing relationship which is taking place between Kim and Pie. Such amusing characters include the neurotic mother, a lady boy who camps it up for the football jocks, which actually ring true to the stereotype in Thai gay culture.

Although the storyline may appear to be a little less than solid in some parts, “Yes or No” definitely is one of the first films in Thailand to give a lead role to a lesbian, and Supanat handles the role superbly throughout the film.

The movie is currently showing in Thailand and will be released on DVD in March this year, and it appears that it could be showing at many queer film festivals across the US later this year.


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