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Benefits Triphala

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It is an established fact that almost all the disease that occurs in our body is due to gastrointestinal disturbances and has been scientifically proven. If you are suffering from indigestion problem, you will be pushed towards a diseased condition. You will find most of the people suffering from indigestion like constipation, hypertension, low immunity, acidity, loss of appetite, high cholesterol level and many others. We never give much concern to our digestive problem and have accepted it as a part of our life. But triphala herb has the potential to make you free from all these problems. This wonder drug has many medicinal properties and is a Ayurvedic preparation, made from three main ingredients Amalaki, bhibitaki and haritaki. In biology terms they are known as emblica officnale, terminalia,chebula and terminalia belarica. It is one of the most potent herbal preparation.

  • There are many benefits of Triphala..

It is an antioxidant agent preventing any free radical formation in the body. This property helps in treating various skin related ailments and makes the skin healthy. It helps in reducing the itching over the skin disease and in preventing early aging signs like wrinkles. It also helps in reducing the dark circles and premature graying of hair.

It regularizes the normal peristaltic movements that are needed for proper passage of food from one organ to another. It therefore, helps in aiding the digestion of food in proper amount of time. It acts as an appetizer.

It is very effective in stimulating the proper functioning of liver and also helps in the secretion of the bile juices that are very much required for metabolism.

It reduces the plaque formation in the arteries thereby reducing the risk of heart related problems.

.it maintains proper level of cholesterol in the body and helps in curbing the formation of low density lipoprotein.

· It helps in preventing any kind of skin related diseases and other infections in the body.

It also helps in the proper functioning of all the physiological processes in the body.

It is a very good remedy for eyes related problems. It helps in improving the eye vision and strengthens the eye muscles.

It is considered to be the best body detoxifier and helps in throwing out toxins out of the body.

It helps in treating severe types of headaches and even migraine.

It is very effective in treating acidity, hyperacidity due to its powerful neutralizing action.

Triphala energizes the body by eradicating all the lactic acid formed in the body, which is the main cause of fatigue in the body.

It is helpful in treating any kind of urinary tract infection like dysurea and renal stones.

It helps in treating various diseases of male reproductive system. It is a good aphrodisiac agent as it helps in increasing the sperm count and enhances the quality of the sperms.

It is also beneficial in treating female reproductive tract abnormalities like dysmenorrheal, amenorrhea, vaginal dryness, irregular menses, excess bleeding etc.

It is also helpful in treating diabetes as it release the proper amount of insulin, that is required to regulate the blood sugar levels. As it is bitter in taste, it scavenges on the glucose particles that float in the blood stream.

It helps in treating obesity by regularizing the digestive system so that proper absorption takes place in the body. It directly targets the fats in the body to reduce them.

It is also effective in treating cancer as it has anti cancerous properties  that make a herb for future.

It helps in reducing inflammation both internally as well as externally in the body.


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