Friday, December 15

How to Earn Money Online With Alertpay

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AlertPay services include sending and receiving money in more than 190 countries. Currency exchange is available for cross-border purchases. Customer branding and invoicing is available for businesses.

After signup, every account is provided a unique referral link. Anyone can earn money by promoting the unique link to family, friends, or customers. Earnings are distributed for referrals that qualify. Self- referrals and referrals from the same IP address are not paid. Referral links can be promoted anywhere online including websites, in emails or on social networks.

1.       To get started go to and signup.

2.        Select your country and account type.  Account types include Personal Starter for individual buyers, Personal Pro for both buyers and sellers, or Business for businesses and organizations.

3.       Type in your demographic information such as name, address, phone and email.

4.       Create an AlertPay username, password, and transaction pin.

5.       Select security questions and type in the corresponding security answers for password recovery.

6.       Review and acknowledge the online User Agreement, and click on the Final Step button to complete the signup.

7.       Log into your AlertPay account and select the Earn Money button. There are several referral links to choose from including a unique link for friends and customers, a standard text link, or an ad format banner image.


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