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International Movers and Shipping Your Car

If you are thinking about moving from Ireland, establishing yourself in your new country of residence is a lot easier if you have your own transportation; reduce the hassle of relying on an unfamiliar public transportation system by shipping your own car to your new residence. While this may seem like an overwhelming process, it is quite common for international movers to do so, and can be accomplished without hassle by following a few simple guidelines.

Transportation and Packaging compaines can help you ship your car to another country.

The first objective is to determine whether your existing vehicle actually qualifies to be transported to your future country of residence. Each country has its own restrictions, so you may or may not be able to bring your car along with you. The cost of bringing your vehicle with you needs to be accounted for in your budget; in addition to the cost of freight transport, you will also be expected to pay for any additional duties or taxes, any needed repairs or modifications, as well as the cost of licensing and registering your car within your new home country’s legal requirements. You can obtain this information by contacting the government’s Department of State.

Once you are certain that your vehicle can legally be shipped, the next step is to find a suitable international vehicle transportation company. Like an international moving company, these companies are not only responsible for the actual shipping of your vehicle, but also for any official documentation required in order to do so. Do your homework in researching each company in order to select one with the best reputation and a competitive price.
Once you have contracted with an international vehicle transportation company, you will need to complete any paperwork regarding your car’s departure date. At this point, you will also need to apply for an International Driver’s Permit; this document is a license that allows you to drive on foreign soil, so do not forget to acquire this before leaving!

When your moving date arrives, you will either need to transport your vehicle to the appropriate departure port, or arrange for the transportation company to do so. Be sure to purchase insurance for this process as well as for the transport, or make sure that the transportation company guarantees to cover the cost(s) of any damage that may ensue during transport.

You also want to make sure that you know exactly where and when you are to pick up your vehicle once it has been transported overseas, and to make sure that you keep the necessary documentation in a safe place until the appropriate time. Research the location of the pickup destination beforehand, so that you will know how to reach it once you are in your new country.

Picking a a good transportation company can make this a lot more easier.


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