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Malaysia – Truly Asia

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Everyone loves to go on a vacation. But have you ever had that particular moment where you just can’t make up your mind on where to go? Or planning an exotic retreat but limited by a strict budget?

Well, China would be a good place but then again you are limited to only China and the Chinese culture, likewise if you decide for a trip to India. You will be limited to only one cultural experience. Sure, you can spend a couple of days in China and make another trip to India just so that you can get an Asian holiday. However, if you do not have the financial strength to make this trip, wouldn’t it be more convenient if there is one place that can offer all this culture? Does such place exist? Yes!

There’s a country called Malaysia. Located in South East Asia, Malaysia has a lot to offer where holiday makers are concern.

Strategically situated in the heart of the Asian region, Malaysia is a one stop centre for anyone seeking cultural enlightenment. A multiracial and multicultural country, Malaysia is perhaps one of the best countries for us to witness how different races can live in peace and harmony. It is amazing to see how a Malay, Chinese and Indian can sit at a local coffee shop having meals together without one disrespecting the other. These three are not the only race that makes up Malaysia; there are other minorities which adds an interesting flavour to Malaysia.

For history buffs, Malaysia has wide range of histories and events which makes looking up its history an endeavour worthwhile. Having been colonized by the Portuguese, Dutch, British and later the Japanese occupation during World War 2, it is no wonder that Malaysia history is as colourful as its culture.

Political stability, low crime rate and peacefulness make this country among the safest places on earth to visit. Unlike other countries, Malaysia hardly has any natural disaster apart from occasional hazy days due to uncontrolled open burning from its neighbour. With its low crime rate, you can have your night walk without having to fear of being mugged. Holiday destinations in Malaysia are as diverse as its people. For sea lovers, Malaysia has among the best beaches in this region. If you’re more inclined for lower climate, the highlands of Malaysia can provide you with all your holiday needs. For instance, if you’re into entertainment then Genting Highland is where you would want to be. After all, it is nicknamed “The City of Entertainment” and if you are more into sceneries then Cameron Highland can offer some spectacular views of Malaysia’s wide variety of floras and faunas.

Feeling hungry? Have no fear. Whatever your heart desires, you can find it here, from traditional Malay cuisine, hot and spicy Chinese food to modern Western food. Malaysia’s delicacy is simply an experience of a lifetime.

To sum it up, if there is one place you must go for a vacation, do give Malaysia a serious thought. It will most definitely be educational and fun. And it’s only fitting that their motto is “Malaysia – Truly Asia” because they are.

Malaysia - Truly Asia

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