Friday, December 15

Governor’s Forum: TO BE OR Not TO BE By: Pat Asakome

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It is amusing, watching those big time wholesale marketers of pepper and tomatoes coming together to form a union. With common voice they are able to determine the qualities of buyers and how much their articles would be sold to would-be buyers. The same can be said of Hair Dressers, Fashion Designers, Teachers, Lawyers, Engineers, Past Presidents and Governors.

 After all, the 1999 constitution which is currently in operation in Nigeria guarantees so many freedoms to both individual and groups of people, including freedom of association. There could, in the process be the associations of persons of strange-bed-fellows. Yet the facts remains that their association is guaranteed by constitution issued in 1999.

No one would raise an eye brow if today, a forum called the Governor’s Forum is evolving. After all, there was six Governors get-together, comprising of the South-West, Kano, Kaduna and Edo states Governors during the second republic. They were then called the “Progressives” as against the dormant NPN Governors of the period. This forum was completely meant for socializing and as a matter of fact, the critics of the forum dubbed it “Jamboree Governors”. The Governors at the forum then were flamboyant, confident and each and each carring an air importance. The good thing about them was that they had vision, and actually met the yearnings and aspirations of the people. In the group were Jakande of Lagos State, Late Ambrose Ali/Oyegun of Edo State, Late Rimi of Kano State, Balarabe Musa of Kaduna state, Osoba of Ogun state ( and so on), whose names and memories are still fondly rembered especially in areas they have sincerely toiled. These Governors never  had ambition to seize power from the centre or determine what the President should do or say. They know their jobs as distinct from that of the president.

Then comes the Obsanjo’s era of 1999-2007 when the politics of “do or die” was introduced into the system, resulting in the “Politics of Occupation”, a situation where one political party, the PDP, forecaably and fraudulently nearly occupied all states out of the thirty six States which make up Nigeria. It was a period which will ever remain the history of Nation as having witneses


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