Monday, December 11

Psychotherapy-Something More Than Necessary

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Soul is a concept belonging to religious and spiritual practices. Psychotherapy is of a different kind and should not be compared or equated with them. It cares for the mind and for how the person functions on Earth.

Psychotherapy is an independent scientific discipline and practice of a profession. It has already been existing for more than a century-since the French and Austrian healers, harbingers of psychoanalysis, as Jean-Martin Charcot, Josef Breuer and more, when psychotherapy puts the foundations of the strict framework of today’s clinical practice.

Psychotherapy is based on specific knowledge in the field of human development and relations. This knowledge is accumulated after extensive researches on early childhood development, the constructions of mental structures, relationships, parenting and personal development, group relations, the dynamics between people in a group and many others. Through psychotherapy, patients seek understanding and acceptance of their problems. The patient seeks to understand him/herself and the therapist plays the role of the other person who is able to understand and accept and is ready to accompany him/her in this common quest.

Everyone needs psychotherapy- the people who try to understand and know themselves or feel difficulties in dealing with anxiety and stress, preventing their personal development and everyday life. Those who encountered problems in communicating with relatives, colleagues, friends-they also need psychotherapy. Such need have also those who wish to explore their relationship with others in order to better understand how they interact. Indeed, one needs psychotherapy to develop as a person.

Psychotherapy is a common term for all psychotherapeutic methods and approaches and in this sense includes psychoanalysis as one of the individual methods. There are many individual and group psychotherapeutic methods and approaches or schools, as we can also call them.

Id psychiatry is associated mainly with the medical treatment of mental diseases and disorders, psychology deals with counseling, testing and is more an invention of science and practice, which applies specific knowledge about humans and human relations. Psychotherapy interprets the text (words, gestures, movements, intonation, etc.) of the patient, using this specific knowledge. Psychotherapeutic treatment is carried out in a tight period and content of the relationship between therapist and patient. It has a certain regularity, duration and purpose. In some cases it is good to combine individual and group work and interaction of psychotherapy with psychiatric treatment and appropriately targeted social work.

The effect of good psychotherapy (interesting to know is that the Danish term is psykoterapi) remains for life and gives impression of our further existence, making it better. In order to have the effect of psychotherapeutic work, some time and desire of the patient are needed as well as active participation in the psychotherapeutic process. This is a voluntary act, no person can be brought by force. Psychotherapy opens opportunities for awareness, understanding and change.


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