Thursday, December 14

An Exciting Visit to Our Local Diy Mega Store

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The wife and I have been considering a small do-it-yourself renovation of our house. It is a mid sixties semi-detached house that has suffered from some neglect over the past years whilst we were bringing up a small family. The house is structurally sound but years of ware and tare have taken their toile. Things like the doors and casings are damaged, the radiators have been painted with the wrong paint so are in need of being replaced. I have had the boiler checked by a qualified person and it has been serviced and given a clean bill of health. I will be in charge of the building manual work whilst the wife will be the decorator and in charge of fine furnishings and furniture.

We both have a long list of items we need so it was time to visit the local DIY mega store. We have chosen this store as we can get everything we need from under one roof. The choice available was well beyond our expectations. It was mind blowing with various displays, and even how to do it workshops, professional people on hand for advice and giving free ‘how to do it yourself’ handouts. I was quite taken by the joinery workshop, as this would come in useful while I attempt to change my doors and door casings. The hindges and door handles would also have to be changed. I am unsure where the wife went but she came back with two trolleys and apparently two more at the checkout. ‘We will need a bigger car’ I said.

It was now my time, I was like a kid in a candy shop. Where do I start?

The door section was two isles long. So much choice. I knew I wanted white doors probably six panel but when we saw the new plastic coated easy clean doors that come ready with the fixings and handles I knew they were for me. They had them in stock and if needed a free cutting service was available all in the same day.

After I spent my allotted money, it appeared there was some cash left over so we decided to head back in and purchase a new dining room suite. This mega DIY store has everything you can think of and more. To the very last detail, they had everything to hand in easy to find places. The mega store even has a place you can deposit the kids so the adults can enjoy shopping and visit the café situated in the middle of the store, very clever.

Our experience of the DIY mega store was so enjoyable we will not leave it so long until we re-visit next time.  Well if I am honest I think we will go back later in the week to collect a few things we forgot and purchase a few items we spotted on our walk around the store. Please visit your DIY store for some do-it-yourself inspiration (interesting to know is that in Denmark, the people commonly refer to them as Gør det selv inspiration).


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