Thursday, December 14

How To Keep Your Hunter Douglas Silhouette Blinds Looking New?

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If you are looking for some blinds that will last long, choose the Hunter Douglas Silhouette blinds. When Hunter Douglas Silhouette blinds are manufactured, there are many treatments which help them stay clean for a long time. But naturally, all necessary cleaning is still needed in order to keep your Hunter Douglas Silhouette blinds fresh and clean. There are also aluminum blinds with similar non dust manufacturing system as in the Hunter Douglas Silhouette series.

Cleaning Hunter Douglas Silhouette blinds is not much trouble because with every package there are instructions that can help you. But, regular dusting of the Silhouette blinds should do. Because of its simplicity, it isn’t very complicated maintaining and cleaning your blinds, it will become as simple as dusting shelves in your living room.

But if you want to deep clean them, for instance, vacuum your Hunter Douglas Silhouette blinds, all you have to do is take your vacuum brush and gently clean them. But if you are the owner one of the sheer blinds, than vacuuming is not recommended. A hair dryer can also be used for blowing dust off your Hunter Douglas Silhouette blinds. Any kind of stain shouldn’t be cleaned with any kind of detergent; no matter how light it is because stains on the Hunter Douglas Silhouette blinds must be professionally cleaned.

Polishing Hunter Douglas Silhouette blinds is not recommended as well. Maybe you are used to spraying your furniture a couple of times before polishing but doing the same thing on the blinds could cause some severe damage. Next, don’t even think of cleaning your Silhouette blinds with magnetic cleaners either. With glass cleaning, you must be very careful too. When cleaning glass on windows, make sure that the Hunter Douglas Silhouette blinds are wide open and the glass cleaner should be sprayed directly on the cloth which is meant to clean windows.

Everything said here only has one purpose and that is to help your Hunter Douglas Silhouette blinds remain clean for years. So if you decide to take a little care of your blinds in order to keep them flawless, a little more money paid for the Hunter Douglas Silhouette blinds should not be a problem. Many families have already destroyed their blinds thinking that they are properly cleaning and maintaining them, so take these tips seriously. 


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