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How To Find The Highest Quality Of Cheap Custom Poker Chips?

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Poker chips can be found and purchased very cheaply, whether you are looking for unique poker chips or poker chips with six stripes, they can be found and purchased easily.

With the growth of the poker business today, more and more companies are starting to make chips. Due to the high competition, some companies are forced to sell poker chips at really low prices.

Chip quality and type can make a big difference to your poker game. Professional feeling of the poker game comes with professional chips, not the plastic ones. This is the reason why clay chips are demanded highly. Even professionals use clay chips.

Firstly, poker chips come in two different types; they come as custom poker chips and as mass produced chips. Mass produced poker chips can be bought much cheaper than the custom ones. If you are interested in custom poker chips, you will pay more but can order them just the way you like them.

If you are interested in how many versions of custom chips are available, just visit a casino or watch some poker games online or on the TV. Every casino imprints their name or logo on the chips. In that way they are totally different from any other poker chips in the world. Another difference is the color.

Custom poker chips come in plastic and clay versions. Clay poker chips are nicer for playing as they give you the right feeling. 

Typical chip set comes in 3 to 5 colors: white, red, green, blue and a darker shade.

Every clay chip weighs approximately 7 grams, but you can also find heavier ones which are little more expensive.  They are made from a combination of metal and plastic. Mostly a metal piece is injected into the plastic mass. If you want to find out whether your chips made from metal or plastic, you can do so by employing a magnet. If your magnet attracts the chip, it has a metal core.

You can customize your poker chips with stickers. If you do that, you don’t need to pay for customizing service.

You can draw something on the computer and print it out.

You can buy non customized chips for 20 to 25 cents a piece. Also, cheap used customized poker chips can be found and bought over the Internet. That will save you some money.

Try and find your poker chips online, that will save you the time as well as money.


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