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Search Engine Marketing For 2011

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Search engine marketing is a way to increase the traffic to a business’s website. In order to best understand how search engine marketing works, internet marketers must understand search engine optimization, and how it plays a significant role in how consumers arrive at a company’s website. Often abbreviated as SEO, it is a crucial tool in getting exposure, publicity, and revenue.

Specifics of Search Engine Optimization

In the world of searchenginemarketing, SEO is a necessity. In short, it works as the building blocks of making a company website high on the list of search engines. It incorporates keywords, terms and phrases so that when a potential customer places those words into a search engine such as Google or Yahoo, the business website appears on the top of the result list. This increases the chances that someone will click on that particular website before others, which is why search engine optimization is a crucial part of any internet marketing strategy.

The Key to Keywords

Keywords play a vital role because they need to be strategically thought out, so that ratings can be boosted. Keywords must be crafted following certain guidelines to be optimal in the internet marketing world. For example, the best keywords or phrases should be between 2 to 4 words. The keywords are what the potential consumer is searching so they should never be too specific or low in popularity. The key to creating keywords is considering what the everyday person would search for and then implementing these in content.

Frequency of Keywords

The number of times a keyword, phrase or term is placed within the website is also an important part of search engine marketing. This is because the search engine will make a company’s webpage more relevant with the more keywords and phrases used. Here, there should be a perfect balance. If a webpage includes too many repeated keywords, then the content may not make any sense, but it needs to have enough so that it gets picked up by web crawlers.

Backlinking and Keywords

While filling a website with hundreds or thousands of keyword rich articles is a great way to bring in traffic, most times it is not enough; especially for websites just starting out. The way that search engines work is that they look at how other relevant websites link to your website, and then use that to bring up search results most helpful and relevant to the enquirer. As a result, a solid strategy that should be used along with adding content to you website is writing relevant keyword content for other niche websites and article directories, and then using them to link back to your own website.

Improving Quality Score for PPC

While both of these content methods works well to bring in traffic, they also perform another vital role, which is to improve the quality score of a website for PPC. PPC stands for “Pay Per Click” and is most commonly used through Google Adwords. However, these adverts work on a bid system with other adverts, and can sometimes be quite expensive. However, if a website has a good quality score, the cost of each “click” isn´t as expensive as it would normally be. This can seem quite complicated, but can be explained in detail by a reputable Boston search engine optimization company.

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