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How To Build A Pond

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Even though a garden pond does sound like a great idea, it is important that it be constructed carefully to avoid facing a number of problems later. As you read on, you will find that there is a list of tips that cover different areas such as pump selection, pond construction and many more.

The tips you are about to read have been gathered from experience. Thanks to the difficulties I experienced as I fixed ponds, I was able to come up with solutions on how to build a pond which mimicked nature and will last you a good number of years.

Dig a hole that is larger than the required size. It is important that your hole isn’t too steep either. This is because it is likely that your lining material will slide down and settle at the bottom. For any material that will be placed in the pond, it is important that you line the pond with sand first to prevent the liner from being penetrated by any rocks or roots which will in turn cause the liner to leak.

Secondly, where you are to put water pots, make indentations and then put down the underlay and finally pot liner. After you’re through with this place the pots inside the indentations you made. Line the whole floor of the pond with river sand then finally with pebbles. You will see the trick once you place the pebbles because your plants will actually look like they are growing out of the pebbles while they are actually just still in the pots.

Make a ledge for the pond and it should be about 3 inches below where you’ll have the final water level. Use this ledge to build your rock ledge. This will give the impression that the rocks are there naturally and that they surround the pond and keep the water within.

To make your pond appear more natural, you could create a sandy beach which leads into the water. Wildlife could make use of this to get to the water. If you enjoy bird watching then you could also make sure the birds have a clear view from the beach and if they feel safe enough they can stay for long and probably take a dip too!

If you want your pond to last you for long, you need to apply plastic to your liner and add mortar to it. Do all of this at once if you want to avoid cracks. 


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