Sunday, December 17

"love" Its Deaf, Dumb, And Blind……!

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It’s February and I am seeing an atmosphere of love everywhere even in articles and over internet. Love…what a word is this. Well I thought to express my opinion as I couldn’t stop myself from writing about it.

One thing that I have heard about love is this that love is blind…so I thought seriously that is love really blind? If yes then what sort of blindness is there with love? So I got that one can think according to his/her intellectual level or his/her love experience. But the point to be remembered here is this that when someone uses this word it is considered as an emotion between a boy and a girl but In reality or in fact or whatever I think love is a strong emotional feeling between any two persons. Whether they are boyfriend-girlfriend or mother-son or father-son or brother-sister or any else. And If I give you an example probably I would bring out one thing that which type of blindness is there with love. Suppose There is a mother whose son is in trouble and at that time due to love due to that strong emotional feeling that mother would not see anything else but that trouble. And this is not for a mother and son only but this is for any two persons who are emotionally attached with a strong feeling of love.

And therefore I thought that in such situation  no one would neither see anything nor listen anything and sometime what I personally believe is this that love need no voice. It may be understood so Finally Love Is Not only Blind but it is deaf and dumb also. Finally what is my personal advice ? This is that as the love is a matter of emotions and feelings so always be careful because if you will not take care you will miss the love.

Enjoy each and every moment of love and wish you all the best. I would finish my words with these lines…..

“When you love you get hurt, when you get hurt you hate

When you hate you try to forget, when you try to forget you start missing

When you start missing you fall in love again…..”


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