Monday, December 11

Muhammad Said Ramdan Al-Buti Writes on Maslaha

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Muhammad Sa’id Ramdan Al-Buti writes on Maslaha


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Muhammad Sa’id Ramdan Al-Buti presented his doctoral dissertation, Dawabital-maslaha fil-Shari’at al-Islamia, at Azhar University in 1965. He discussed the subject of Maslaha at’ length and established the fact with valuable arguments that Maslaha in Islamic Shari’ah does not mean only utility and pleasure of this world without restrictions and qualifications.

He writes that:- 

It is an established fact that Maslaha acknowledged and accepted by the Islamic Law is that which should be in total conformity with the fundamental principles and basic concepts of Islami Shari’ah . (Al-Buti: Dawabit-al-Maslaha, page 121).

The most important principle of Islamic Shari’ah which is always to be kept in mind is that the concept of Maslaha (Weal) is regulated, limited and clarified in such a way that nothing remained obscure or unclear in the concept of Maslaha. Man is created only for the obedience of Allah and his all actions in this life are regulated and streamlined by the revealed law, so as nothing remained beyond the Holy guidance of Allah and His Prophet (p.b.u.h.). As the Islamic Shari’ah has laid down detailed guiding principles for all worldly actions of a Believer, it is also established, regulated, limited and clarified in all the four corners of the concept of Maslaha, and did not leave the concept on the speculations, worldly interest and whims of someone. (Dawabit-al-Maslaha, pages 14-15).


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