Monday, December 11

Sofradex Ear Drops

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Sofradex ear drops are one of the very common medications used for all kind of ear canal infections. Just recently I suffered from a very painful and irritating canal infection and for that dreadful canal infection I visited the doctor who recommended using Sofradex ear drops.

I was advised to use Sofradex ear drops early in the morning and before going to bed and I used it regularly for a week and the canal infection got healed and I could breathe easy as a result.

Honestly the canal infection did hurt a lot and on it use to itch but after applying Sofradex ear drops it gave a calm and soothing effect and using it for a week helped me to heal it completely. Sofradex ear drops can also be used for eye irritation, eye reddening and conjunctivitis, though I haven’t used Sofradex ear drops for any eye infection but since it is mentioned in the instruction and as it worked well for my ear canal infection, I feel Sofradex ear drops would prove to a good eye drop as well.

I really am happy using Sofradex ear drops and would recommend the ear drop for any kind of ear infection. Cheap and affordable Sofradex ear drops could just be the over the counter medication you require any time soon for your ears or eye infection. I used Sofradex ear drops for a week and didin’t incur any kind of side effects so I feel it is a safe and complete care solution for your eyes and ears.


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