Thursday, December 14

Borders And Background: The Border Tab

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The Border tab provides options for adding and formatting a border and the background for a field.

•   Line Style. Select the line style to create a border on just one side or all sides of a field. Choose from the options Single, Double, Dashed, or Dotted.

•   Tight Horizontal. If you want to have a border around just the data in a field, not the entire field, select this check box. It narrows the border to accommodate just the width of the data within the field.

Drop Shadow. Select this check box ‘to create a drop shadow aroundthe selected field. Color, Bonier from the harder list, select the color for u border ordrop shadow, Color, Background. If you want the field to have a background color, select the Background check box and select a background color. The background color covers the entire field area, as shown in the sample at the bottom of the Format Editor.

Formatting String and Text Fields: The Paragraph Formatting Tab

Use the Paragraph Formatting tab to set formatting options for paragraphs in string fields and text objects. You can set the exact spacing and indentations of the paragraphs, as well as import text from .RTF and .HTML file formats into the object.

Text interpretation allows you to import a text object with formatting and keep the formatting, by selecting the import file type from the list. Again, you may find the Line Spacing option useful for formatting Japanese characters.


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