Thursday, December 14

Nose Shape Reflects Your Personality!

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Here are some types of nose along with an explanation of the form and its characteristics:

The characteristics: nasal bone length, the curve clearly almost like basin, and sticking at the end of the nose bone.

Analysis: Type this cute nose that signifies you’re a good-hearted, optimistic, and attention. Your Personal also full of enthusiasm and very supportive family and friends. Do not forget you also save the adventurous spirit in sex.

Examples: Actress Nicole Kidman, Marilyn Monroe, and Victoria Beckham.

Characteristics: This type of nose has a small bump from mid nasal bone that leads to the lower end of the nose.

Analysis: This type is a signal of a strong personality, but not always impulsive. You people who motivate others, influential and calculating.

For example: The French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, singer Bono (U2).


The characteristics: nasal bone length, straight, and strongly impressed. If you see the angle formed between the tip of the nose and upper lip make up about 80 degrees, or close to right angles.

Analysis: You are an efficient, hardworking, and people who keep emotions making it hard to understand. You are the one who wanted the event of a crisis.

For example: Former prime minister Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher.

Characteristics: This type of connection or nose resembles the curved beak eagle on the back of the nose.

Character: This type is most concerned with what others are saying about you. Rebellious, does not require the approval of others, and most happy when pursuing personal goals.

For example: Paris Hilton, and the poet Dante Alighieri.

Characteristics: This type is the same with a snub nose. Short bony, and no protruding parts.

Character: The type of nose is usually intelligent and thoughtful than the average person. They react quickly, or too fast, so impressed aggressive.

For example: Singer Lily Allen, and actor Johnny Depp.

Characteristics: Reinforced short and wide, but not prominent. This type is commonly found certain ethnic groups.

Character: This type reflects the creativity and passion. He is also charismatic, easy to draw crowds.

For example: U.S. President, Barack Obama, the model Naomi Campbell and actor Will Smith.

You’re the sort of nose which one??


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