Saturday, December 16

Small Pennis Rapist Convicted

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In the Court of First Instance, the rapist “named concealed” denied the allegation brought to him for raping a 16 year old child.  The accused specifically provided in his statement that he was not in the country when the rape had happened.  The lawyer of the accused has presented numerous evidence showing that the rape could not have happened.

During the cross examination, the accused when ask by the defense lawyer about the alleged rape that he committed but still the accused denied the crime.

The defense lawyer has no other choice but to call on the rape victim for cross examination, during the cross examination the defense lawyer has ask this question and the victim has replied in this manner:

Lawyer:  Did, “Pointing to the convict sitting in the accused table” that person sitting in that table, is the person who raped you?

16 year old Victim:  “Looking at the accused” and said. Yes your Honor.

Lawyer:  Can you enumerate exactly how did the accused raped you?

16 year old Victim:  Your Honor, he held my hand and tried to undressed my shirt, then he undressed my pants, then he ripped my bra, and ripped my panties.  Then he tried to insert his pennis.

Lawyer:  When he tried to insert hispennis, did you shout for help? Did you struggle in order that he cannot pursue what he wanted?

16 year old Victim:  NO, your Honor.

Lawyer:  “Amazed”, What? You allowed the victim to just rape you?

16 year old Victim:  NO, your honor because I was tickled.

Lawyer:  You managed to laugh while your are being raped?

16 year old Victim:  Yes, your honor.  Because when he tried to insert hispennis, it makes me laugh.  Because hispennisis very small just like my 2 year old brother. “laughing hard”

The people, laughed.  The judge even laugh.

The Convict then stand up, he was very angry punches the table… Shouting “THAT IS NOT TRUE, SHE LIED.  THE TRUTH IS SHE EVEN FARTED WHEN I INSERTED MYPENNIS“.

The Judge has no choice but to convict the culprit, for admitting the crime.

Note:  This is just a joke.


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