Tuesday, December 12

The Unsafe Capital-Delhi

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On 10 Jan 2011, a gunny bag was found near the New Delhi railway station.It contained the body of a young girl who had been done  to death.The police were clueless about the crime and one wonderes where the national capital is heading.

It is a matter of fact that as on date the one quality that stalks all people in the capital is Fear.It is not fear of terrorists  or smugglers, but of unknown people on the road who are sexual predators. The crimes of a sexual nature has dwarfed everything else.During the month of December ,2010, Delhi had the dubious distinction of having 25 cases of rape and 42 cases of molestation. This points to almost 3 such cases every month.Mind you, these are only the reported cases and perhaps an equal number go unreported.This is  a sad commentary on the law and order situation in the capital that boasts of an elite Police force of over 75,000 personnel.

What is the reason of this upsurge in crime in the capital region? there is no special reason as Indians are the same everywhere.Thus in Mumbai by contrast women  are safe , while in Delhi they are not. This actully points to a very inefficient police force. It is also not only inefficient but totally insensitive to the plight of women.There have been cases of a women being molested right in front of a police van and the police personnel in the van have just sat and watched. All this points to a force that itself needs a lot of training and education.

Delhi is a large city with a even larger migrant population. But that is no excuse for a lax law and order situation.  But the important point is to make the Police gender sensitive and inculcate in them the ethos of chivilary. In addition the large force drafted for VIP security needs to be downgraded in numbers, so that more vans and policemen can be on the beat.  Perhaps the Delhi Chief Minister, Shiela Dixit- herself a woman, realizes what ails the Police and society at large and cracks the whip.Remember mules do not run till kicked.


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