Monday, December 11

2012 The End of The World.

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Is the world really ending in 2012? This is a question that has been answered many times and most of the times the answer is in the affirmative. Ancient prophecies by the likes of Nostradumus and the Mayan calendar are the main reference point for those who believe in this claim. They have even gone further and put a date to this allegation. The reported date is 21/12/210. The fact that it will be on a Friday further makes the story more scarely. Remember our Muslim brothers and sisters believe that Allah will come on a Friday. Several geologists have also claimed that 2012 is the year to watch.

If at all the world is ending in 2012, what will be the reason? Will it be geological reasons or religious reasons?

Recently as I walked downtown I spotted a massive billboard with the message ‘THE WORLD IS ENDING ON MAY 11 2011’. This is a billboard erected courtesy of a Christian foundation. Supposedly someone who understood his Bible had done his calculations and found out that the said date would be 7000 years since the first judgment which is thought to have been the great flood during the time of Noah.

The same Bible that these people love referring to tells them that not even the son knows the date.

I was doing some research and I found out that even in the 1800’s people would come up with dates when they were supposed to have perished. The dates came and passed and as you expect, there was nothing major to report. The one thing different with 21/12/2012 is the hype and expectation that come with it. Back then in the 1800’s there was not as much scientific support but now there is. It has been made worse by the emergence of mass media which has propelled the claim.

I personally don’t believe that the end is actually coming on 21/12/2012, but I hold the feeling that it is very near. Whatever way it will come.


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