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Types of Resumes

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The type of resumes can be categorized into three such as, chronological resume, functional resume and combined resume.

  • Chronological Resume

It is the structure of resume that is followed by many people. The experience part is written in detail. This type or structure is best suited when you are looking for better job opportunities in the same field itself, i.e. you are opting for a career change.  So your resume should be competent to focus on the experience you have. The skills are of secondary importance in case of chronological resume.

  • Functional Resume

Your skills and achievements are highlighted in the functional type of resume. Functional resume is advisable when you are opting for a career change. If you are opting for the career change and want to indicate that you are competent to excel in the new field, then your skills and achievements matter a lot. Next you can focus on education, if you have undergone any certificate courses or acquired any diploma or degree etc. 

  • Combined Resume

Combined resume is the perfect blending of chronological resume and functional resume. You can highlight the skills and achievements. Then you can explain in detail about your experience etc.

There are many websites available that tell about, what are the types of resumes? The information regarding Career and interview tips etc. is available. There are many sample resumes available on the internet. The resume writing technique is getting more advance than it was earlier. So it is advantageous if you refer the latest resumes. You can fully utilize the inputs provided about resume writing to write the highly effective resume. 


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